UNBREAKABLE - Symposium 2021

Keynote: Australia and the rise of China With a new US administration installed, there is an opportunity for a China reset. Can Australia deal constructively with its largest trading partner while also holding Beijing’s authoritarian regime to account? 9:00 AEST 10:00 AEST
The curious case of the vanishing yield Advisers searching for yield in today’s market can feel like Sherlock Holmes confronted with an impenetrable mystery. Dividends seem more contingent than before the pandemic and even ‘high-yield’ bonds are turning negative. So where can investors go? 10:00 AEST 10:45 AEST
Be careful what you wish for: How to tame the inflation genie As central bank liquidity combined with massive fiscal stimulus wash through the economy, are we about to see inflation return with a vengeance? What are the implications for retirement portfolios? Can we keep the inflation genie safely in the bottle? 11:00 AEST 11:30 AEST
What COVID teaches us about diversification We all know diversification is a good thing. But do traditional forms of diversification really work during a market drawdown? Are there other important kinds of diversification that investors may be missing out on? 11:30 AEST 12:15 AEST
Crypto: The future of money or the next tulip mania? Crypto currencies have become popular alternatives to monetary commodities like gold and silver, and are already used as an important source of diversification within portfolios. But has the market gone too far in pricing up these digital assets? 13:15 AEST 13:45 AEST
Green or greed? Measuring the real impact of sustainable investment Sustainable and ESG investing are here to stay. What does the data really tell us about how sustainable portfolios perform? How can investors measure the true underlying sustainability of an investment product? 13:45 AEST 14:30 AEST
Super squeeze: Managing Australia’s superannuation non-performers As super funds battle to achieve scale in a consolidating market, do the government’s proposed changes to the system represent real reform or needless tinkering? How can we weed out non-performing and sub-scale funds without harming members? 14:30 AEST 15:00 AEST
Fireside chat: Portfolio management during the COVID crisis Lonsec’s portfolio managers take us behind the scenes to discuss the steps Lonsec took to manage the COVID market turmoil and position for recovery, as well the critical need for transparency and effective portfolio communications. 15:15 AEST 16:00 AEST

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